Adam Zaorski

Adam Zaorski is a Quality Assurance team leader, who ensures that the final product is without any mistakes and meets expectations of our clients in the best possible way. His work in Media4U began in 2012, but he work testing applications began much earlier. Adam's main task is to search for any problems on the site as early as possible and to ensure that our products meet the standards of usability. Adam believes that any weather is good for jogging, he loves to visit interesting places in Poland and abroad, and to read books with surprising endings.

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Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance Team checks the correctness of our stores and websites. During testing, the functionalities of the designed sites are verified. The Quality Assurance Team checks if the service has no errors, testing it on different browsers and devices. It also assesses the usability of the page. This means that during the inspection, testers check whether the service has been designed in an intuitive manner and whether the recipient will have no problem using it. The Quality Assurance Team verifies the performance of services by testing potential traffic, based on the site owner's expectations. Performance tests allow us to determine the maximum traffic on the site and point out some parts of the site that should still be optimized. The Quality Assurance Team deals with the testing of e-commerce, mobile applications and test automation. This team is also responsible for performance tests and creating test scenarios. With the Quality Assurance team we are sure that all products we develop have no errors, are properly optimized for different browsers and devices, and at the same time fully meet the expectations of our customers.

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