Piotr Anuszczyk

Piotr Anuszczyk, Marketing Manager, has been in the marketing industry for years. He takes care of effective communication within the company and maintains good contacts with journalists. He supports the sales department, supervises the branding of offered services and animates csr activities. He will always find time to talk and will be more eager to write an article. He sharpened his skills at Gazeta Wyborcza (the winner of the Sharp Pen from the Business Center Club), PGE's strategy department and the following agencies: StudioPRowokacja, Niceday and Venti. A graduate of the University of Lodz (public relations) and the Higher School of International Studies (social communication and computer science). After hours you can find him staring at the sky watching air shows or catching the wind in his sails while on the water.

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Marketing Team

The marketing Team in Media4U deals with the promotion of brands on the Internet. It is responsible for the preparation and subsequent implementation of marketing strategies based on previously collected information. All activities are planned on the basis of the analysis of competition, specifying target group and setting goals. The marketing team is responsible not only for developing the creative concept, but also for the selection of appropriate promotion channels for the nature of the industry and the target. The main task of the Marketing Department is to build the image of the company or product, using Internet channels such as social media, content marketing, and Internet advertising. The Marketing team is also responsible for the creation of proper content on websites, blogs or newsletters, using the principles of web writing. While conducting promotional activities for each customer, the team not only prepares the materials and content, but is also responsible for the management and administration of the appropriate channels. Dynamic response, analysis of the effectiveness of activities and a creative approach to each topi ensures that every customer receives an individually prepared strategy that stands out from the competition.

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