Wojciech Madej

Wojciech Madej - Art Director in Media4U. Every day makes sure that his studio creates true works of art. Since 2010 he has been a leader of the creation team in Media4U, earlier he co-led the advertising studio. Currently Wojciech manages the 8-person team of graphic designers. He is a graduate of the graphic arts in the University of Computer Science and Skills. Since childhood passionate about creating graphic designs. Wojtek believes that nothing is impossible and there are no projects that cannot be created, which confirms his enormous optimism in actions. His best projects were created during the night when everyone was asleep. Privately he loves long car trips and sushi with an additional portion of ginger. In winter Wojciech snowboards, and in the summer he chooses roller skates.

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Graphic Team

Graphic team is responsible for preparing all of creation, from banner advertising, through visual identity and web design. This team produces mainly commercial projects and is responsible for the visual side of all advertising campaigns conducted by Media4U. Team specializes in visual identity for corporations, web design, printing and graphics services such as banner ads or newsletters. The combination of range of skills, temperaments and creativity is the guarantee of explosive project, behind which stands the passion of creating. Abstract pictures and table covered with mysterious drawings helps discover new layers of ideas and create flawless designs!

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