Krzysztof Chrustowski

Krzysztof Chrustowski is the team leader and founder of the Front-End Developer team, which deals mostly with implementation of the visual layer of websites on the basis of graphic designs. Krzysztof began working at Media4U in 2011 and since then, together with colleagues, he has been creating better "internets". Krzysztof has been involved with Bonprix project from the beginning.. He is an avid traveler, a lover of good cinema and MMA. After work, he is an amateur photographer.

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Front-End Developers

The main task of the Front-End Developers team is to change graphical projects of mailings or web page into the form of syntactically correct HTML views. In addition to taking care of the visual design, they are also responsible for loading speed, rendering views and Search Engine Optimization. Front-End Developers also deal with UI and UX, which are very important from the point of view of the final recipients and users of the site. The team oversees many factors for every website, such as aesthetics, usability, information architecture and interaction, which directly translates into later success. The Front-End Team struggles every day with variations and errors in the operation of even the most popular web browsers, in order to ensure that each visitor of site gets as close as possible, to a, if not identical, visual experience. They are not afraid of JavaScript or CSS - if they want, the elements on the page will do as they say. Our good practices and the most commonly used frameworks, eg. Bootstrap, help achieve quick work speed. The use of modern technology, experience and broad knowledge allows us to combine the design of the website and with the business goals for the satisfaction of our customers.

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