Privacy Policy

§ 1

Service Provider is a "Media4u" Sp. o.o. located in Lodz, ul. J. Dąbrowskiego 247/249, entered in the register of companies under number 175848, NIP: 726-22-23-331, code 472012084, registered capital of 100,000 zł. company documentation kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Division of the National Court Register.

§ 2

Service Provider does not collect any automated information, with the exception of the information contained in cookies. The service provider uses cookies and obtains access to them from any device used by the Client.

§ 3

Cookies are used by the Service Provider for statistical and promotional purposes, as well as traffic monitoring.

§ 4

The service provider uses two basic types of cookies: session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the Client's device until log out time, leaving the website or disabling the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the Client's device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until their manual removal by the Client.

§ 5

In many cases, the software used to browse the web (web browser) by default allows storage of cookies in the Client's device. Recipients can change the settings for cookies at any time. These settings can be changed in particular in a way to block the automatic handling of cookies in this web browser configuration or inform about them every time they are stored on Client's device. Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the software settings (web browser).

This website uses cookies on the principles laid down in the Privacy Policy, in particular for statistical purposes, promotional and traffic monitoring. You can specify the conditions for storing and accessing cookies in your browser settings. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with current browser settings.