Warsztat piękna

Online shop by Media4U that offers a wide range of high-end cosmetics. This webshop was created for a real store, which is currently in Warsaw. Warsztat Piękna as the only shop in Poland offers its customers foreign brands. What distinguishes Warsztat Piękna is a wide selection of natural and organic cosmetics. Media4U from the beginning is responsible for conducting a Google AdWords campaign and planning promotional activities.

Goals and challenges

In April 2014 we began Google AdWords promoting for the shop Warsztat Piękna. Close cooperation with the owner of the brand allowed a lot of freedom in our actions. The trust the client gave us allowed us to perform a number of different campaigns through the news and improvements suggested by Google. By using different channels to promote and conducting the tests, we were able to increase the profitability of campaigns and conversion in the store.

Strategy and solution

Cooperation with Warsztat Piękna is a very good example of how consistently implemented needs and frequent conversation with the customer allow for effective development in the Internet. Compared to last year, revenues increased by as much as 168% for the whole store and more than 503% in CPC channel! Observing this trend, we are confident of further growth in sales.

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