Volvo Nova is an authorized Volvo dealer in Lodz. It is also the only certified service. It does body and paint repairs and maintenance services beyond the standard. The main objectives of the new Volvo business was to acquire new customers and to conduct a wide-ranging information campaign, promoting both the service and seasonal sales.

Goals and challenges

A banner campaign is managed in the Google Display Network. Its purpose is to provide information about a special offer sent on selected models. The big challenge for Volvo Nova is to maintain all the standards set by the central brand. There is a need to maintain a consistent visual identity and advertising, while also avoiding activities that put it in competition with other salons. An additional challenge for Media4U was the need to reach an explicit group of customers in the premium segment. It was necessary to maintain proper communication and select destination, where potential customer could be present.

Strategy and solutions

During the talks with the client we received very precise guidelines outlining the Volvo customer. Verification of information from the customer allowed us to select respective groups limited to interests, demographics, as well as identifying specific landing pages for precise targeted advertising. We kept this division in the structure of the campaign to allow an analysis of the effectiveness of our objectives, adjusting costs to the achieved results and the elimination of unprofitable lines of action. This allows for high exposure advertising in the circle of potential customers for a relatively small cost.

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