Scania sells its vehicles in more than 100 countries, and its activity in Poland began in 1995. In addition to reliable trucks, the company has developed a network of 35 service stations that evenly cover the entire country.

Our goal was the realization of a project, which in addition to opening a new distribution channel, such as e-commerce, would also enable the ordering of packages and services.

Scania - the first company in Poland - opened an expanded e-commerce service , where you can order parts for cars. The website allows the company to build databases and permits it active communication with its customers. The site is connected to workshops, that receive service requests and are also involved in delivering the products ordered.

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The implementation is based on our original CMS engine, which includes everything necessary for product sales and service packages. The project was developed by a team of about six people. Frequent contact with the customer was particularly important during the design and implementation, because it was crucial to determine the correct logic in ordering products, services and service packs.

The site has been operating since September 2014.

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When designing the application, we proposed using our own CMS system that was able to meet all the demands of the customer, both in terms of implementation of sales and service packages. The customer had specific expectations, which at the joint meetings were modified to the current solutions. Creating mockups together, defining functions and discussions about threats led to a specification which contained a set of guidelines for the project.

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The solution is characterized by extensive rights for management operators who fill customer orders for at Scania . The website is equipped with a mechanisms discount, which should help improve conversion.

The application is hosted on a server at Media4U.

Cluster solutions guarantee improved service availability.

To raise the standard of service and speed up communication with customers, Scania uses our tool Smartmail. Each workshop accepting service requests and delivering products is connected to the application, so that email communication with customers is possible from any place with access to the Internet.



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