Endo brand produces unique children's clothes. The products are characterized by unique graphics designed by friendly artists and inscriptions in Polish, puns that arouse a lot of excitement among children and adults. Endo brand is also the highest quality - clothes are made of cotton and linen, and are decorated with eco-printed water-based paints. A simple style and careful making of these products impress clients since the late 90s. To prove this, Endo is honored with awards for the best quality clothes for children and infants, has received certificates and prizes from companies and institutions assessing the quality of children's products available on the Polish market. 99% of customers praise Endo shop and clothes and recommend it to other potential customers.

Goals and challenges

Due to continuous development of the company and to provide customers with even greater comfort shopping Endo brand is constantly evolving. One of the ways to achieve the aim was to create a new sales platform, which will be tailored to all types of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. At the same time the company were also developing a tool for efficient management of shipping products to customers, so that delivery time does not exceed 48 h. In the development plans there was also optimization of direct marketing.

The challenge in creating a new sales platform for Endo was to merge all of the above points in harmoniously working system that is user-friendly and easily managed. The outcome is a service that has achieved its objectives:

  • Full integration with external systems: accounting, warehousing, shipping, newsletters system
  • The ability to easily implement new features in the webshop
  • Management of product offer allowing enriching the offer of the shop
  • Order management
  • Complex system of rebates
  • Preparing optimized store engine
  • Increased performance with the ability to service more customers

Strategy and solution

The new sales platform was established on a copyright system to manage online store. CMS prepared by Media4U is flexible due to its modular design. This enabled the implementation of individual solutions tailored to the needs of Endo.

Together with the customer we also developed the concept of trilateral exchange of product data, orders and inventory levels between CMS, accounting and warehouse system Magic and the SAP system used by Arvato company to implement and shipping orders. This allowed us to create an efficient mechanism, which enables some processes optimisation in the company. Additionally, the system is in communication with SARE, passing on information about subscribers with data to enable creating a personalized offer.

The application is maintained on Media4U servers so it is constantly monitored in terms of performance. Cluster solutions guarantee the availability of services at the highest level.

Project implementation

a) Analytical stage:
A number of meetings and arrangements helped to prepare a list of goals, challenges and the threats that were associated with not only the implementation of a new platform for online sales, but also the efficient transfer of historical data about customers and orders. Thanks to such cooperation we were able to establish functional and technical specifications that was the source of knowledge about implemented solutions. In the process of creating the document there were involved representatives of the brand Endo, and a Media4U dedicated project team, which was responsible for the implementation of the deployment.

b) Design stage:
Design work began by defining the objectives of the store offer presentation, navigation and operation of various tools to increase conversion. These findings became the basis for the preparation of the template store. Graphic designs were created for four resolution to reproduce the look of the page on different devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Visual design store takes into account the strict branding guidelines by Endo. At this stage the decisions about infrastructure were made, where the new Endo webshop will operate.

c) Implementation stage
Implementation works were carried out according to a strict schedule, and the project was divided into stages. The first part was to prepare the front-end views and to design the service database. Then, the implementation team worked in parallel on new functional elements. The different steps were verified by the customer. After the completion of major development work, the service was tested by our quality assurance department and the customer. In the same time we were preparing to migrate data from a previous site.

d) Startup:
After analyzing the website traffic, Endo decided that the whole process to start the new service must take place at night, as most traffic usually was in the morning. We created a detailed schedule, that described step by step the actions to perform - because of that the whole process ran smoothly and according to plan.

The Endo sales platform is constantly evolving - tasks are carried out to continuously improve productivity of the webshop. The service is also extended with new tools to support sales and improve conversion. Media4U created a platform that allows for the dynamic development of the Endo webshop. Already in the first month of operation of the site the sales records had been beaten. Also, the positive customer feedback on the new version of the store shows that this was a step in the right direction.

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