Bonprix is a mail-order house, part of the largest company of this kind in the world, OTTO Versand Hamburg. It does business in several countries. In Poland, the store has present since 1991. The company sells its products on the Internet in 24 European countries, including Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, and those webshops were designed and implemented by us from scratch.

The new bonprix platform was to enable the implementation and development of new features for the site, its development and expansion of the store’s offer. An integration with Digistyle - a central system for product management - had automated the introduction of new products and provided more high-quality information to users.



The bonprix platform required redesigning and refactoring. We developed and consulted with our client solutions that are both aligned to OTTO standards and other foreign bonprix services, but without cutting ourselves off from creating further expanded integrations and new functions.

We worked together with the client on a vision and a prototype of a completely new platform. The project also included data migration, our checklist design took into account, designing new views for the site, preparing translations for services, SEO friendly texts, the development of methods for the migration of the current product database and categories and a lot more.



When designing solutions we didn’t create mockups, but we used interactive html views instead. We were able to do modifications directly on them. We discussed with the client views for the new platform, we advised solutions and listened to proposals from the customer. We had a number of opportunities and to improve the usability of the store. We used previous solutions that had been developed by the company after performing extensive research on user behaviour and perception.

A major challenge was to develop an efficient way to redirect traffic that is directed to the site from links to individual pages on the bonprix site. We have created maps for URLs leading to the bonprix site - redirected the web links to both categories in the store without additional parameters, as well as those with selected filters or tracking.


Project implementation

We moved and implemented one shop after another. The Polish webshop was the first. We started the migration process at 11 PM, when site traffic is much smaller. We limited access to the website, and at 7 AM we presented a completely new e-commerce platform to the customers.

We observed user response - the first comments about the new platform appeared on bonprix’s Facebook fanpage - the risk was very high. The platform has provided completely new functions and the customers were required to make an effort to learn to use the new service. Not everyone was thrilled by the changes - we were aware of that. We completed the service migration to the new platform in July 2013. Since then, we have been handling post-implementation, acting as support team and implementing new functions in bonprix’s websites.


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