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Ad as from the movie!

YouTube is second after Google the most popular service in Poland. It contains millions of wide-themed movies, from guides, reviews and news to entertainment content and music. Well run YouTube channel, together with proper marketing actions, lets you build brand community and strengthen advertising message. As with advertising network, there’s a possibility to issue ads only on YouTube.

Wide possibilities

There are five most important parts of YouTube ads. The usage of different forms of reaching a client increases the range of YouTube ad and lets us use formats other than movies. With this kind of ads you can purchase the promoted space on the main site of the service. As with Sponsored Links campaign, there’s a possibility to have those movies displayed in the first results of searching by the specific keywords. With the videos, there are two options for the YouTube ads: the ad that is displayed before the movie, which cannot be skipped, and the one that user can skip after 5 seconds. In the second case the ad can have any length, but the cost is charged only when user see at least 30 seconds of that ad. The last option in AdWords YouTube are traditional ad banners, displayed directly on the movie or on the right side of the search results. As with the rest of Google AdWords campaign, YouTube allows for broad targeting, and thanks to that we are able to reach only the potentially interested users.

YouTube ads let you:


build the community of loyal brand fans


reach a user in his free time, what increases the efficiency of transmission


create a video ad that is less expensive than traditional tv campaign


reach a wide audience


have the natural opportunity to promote movies through viral actions


use different promotion channels

Creating a YouTube campaign

The most important element of YouTube AdWords campaign is to get to know the ad purpose and target group. Another step is to prepare the video. There are three possibilities: using already existing materials from advertiser, creating animated ad in Media4U graphic studio or ordering the video from some professional team that creates that kind of movies. When needed, we can also create the YouTube channel, which lets you advertise all the movies in the service search engine. YouTube ad is dedicated to specific target group. Properly divided campaign lets you measure the effectiveness of every action, as well as adjust the cost to received conversion.

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