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Good results

Google search network appears in the search engine by typing the appropriate phrase. The first 3 or 4 results are the sponsored links, as well as another 8 on the right side of the screen. They appear based on specific, well-targeted keywords. Their high position and an extension added to the ads, make the sponsored links appear on the first screen, usually much higher than the organic results, which often are visible just beyond the line of the screen.

Wide possibilities

Sponsored links make it possible to determine the open directory inquiries, which corresponds advertising with Google AdWords. The advertiser has an impact on the effectiveness of advertising using the appropriate promotional text, inviting you to take advantage of the offer or proposing specific product categories. With extensions, the campaign of sponsored links can lead the user directly to a specific page on the portal. Google AdWords campaign in the search may be directed to the general phrases, relating to the offer or those associated with the brand.

The payment is per single click. Ad positions in the search results are determined by: rate per click, landing page quality and quality of the whole campaign.

We are able to analyze effectiveness of every click by statistics of customer behavior during the search as well as on the targeted site. We measure conversion and optimize links campaign, which lets us to lower the cost of customer acquisition.

Benefits for customers


measurability of effects


the exact cost of advertising




precise selection of keywords




reports with results

Sponsored links campaign

When budget and client’s targets are already known, we prepare the campaign project with all keywords, ad description, extensions and redirects. After project acceptance, we input it into Google. Every sponsored links campaign has to be accepted by Google before starting it. Linked AdWords and Analytics data give us full knowledge about the effectiveness of our actions. Our client is always up-to-date with the campaign thanks to the detailed reports. Additionally, while doing such campaign, our client receives recommendations of changes on his site, campaign structure or the offer itself. Continuous optimization in the sponsored links campaign lets us lower the cost of customer acquisition, which is visible and measurable.

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