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Purchasing path on the Internet is significantly different from the traditional one. Users hardly ever make a decision immediately after seeing the product, they also usually analyze the competition offer. However, there is a way to encourage customers to come back to our site and finalize the transaction – it’s remarketing. Remarketing is one of the most effective method of Google ads. The use of remarketing allows you to direct advertising to people who were already on the site. There’s a possibility to divide consumers, which gives us even more personalized advertising. Different ad can be directed to users who abandoned their shopping carts, and different to people who were only seeing the product. Creating a few remarketing lists increases the effectiveness of advertising and lets us achieve an even higher level of conversion.

Dynamic Remarketing

Another form of advertising is Dynamic Remarketing. It’s a solution dedicated to webshops. Dynamic Remarketing is connected to Google Merchant Center. Based on the list of products available in the store and tracked customer behavior we can show an ad with exactly these products, in which the client was interested – for example, the contents of abandoned cart. Dynamic Remarketing makes following the user ads display the exact product, in which he was interested. Dynamic Remarketing doesn’t require creating additional graphic materials, because all information is taken directly from the webshop.

Using remarketing you get:


reaching the client interested in your brand


increasing the level of conversion


lower the cost of advertising


personalized message to users


lowering the number of improper clicks


the ability to convince a user to finalize the purchase

I’ve got you on my list!

Knowledge of the industry specifics, checking the website and user behavior analysis lets us clearly identify how remarketing should look like and how to define the remarketing lists. With Dynamic Remarketing the implementation of special script in the website code is also necessary. Traditional remarketing doesn’t need such actions, and to do such campaign we only need data from Google Analytics. In the same time we prepare graphic creations, tailored to particular audiences. Remarketing starts when on a specific list there are more than 100 unique users. Gathering data about the conversion lets us set the proper cost per click for every list. When selecting rates in the remarketing, we are guided by the chance on desired conversion.

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