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Google Merchant Center or Product Listing Ads is an offer for those webshops that sell only real products. It’s a graphic campaign that appears in the search engine and presents some products available in the e-store. Google Merchant Center, as well as sponsored links campaign, responds only to specific inquiry, showing only those products, which the user seeks.

Wide range of products

The export of store resources lets us quickly create the ad campaign with all or selected store assortment. The ad is visible in the upper right of the search engine, when someone searches for the products that are available at the store. The product is displayed with its picture, price and link to the store where it can be bought. Displaying a picture in the search results increases the chance for clicking the ad. Such products presentation gives you the chance for quick and effective sale. As with other Google AdWords, the settlement is CPC (cost per click). Because of that the advertiser doesn’t cover cost of ad display, but only the cost of actual entering their webshop.

Google Merchant center is:


quick presentation of your store offer


reaching the customer at the last step of the purchasing path


conversion higher than in textual ads


automatic ads updating


presentation of specific products from the offer


comparing the product prices on the search engine level

How to sell in Google?

The preparation for Google Merchant Center campaign starts from creating feed file with whole webshop offer. There’s an option to use already prepared interaction, that lets you automatically put whole assortment into the campaign. After receiving acceptance, the product promotion in search engine begins. Products can be categorized by brand, type, stock, but also by specific product ID. Possibility to change the cost per click and importance per every specific sub-group. Possibility to promote only the offer that is the most beneficial. Measurability of Google Merchant Center effects lets you set the cost per click based on conversion and margins for a particular product.

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