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Google Display Network is a graphic ad, displayed in AdSense. AdSense is displayed on hundreds of thousands of sites in Poland and a couple of millions of foreign sites. All portals in AdSense share their advertising space where the ad banners are displayed. Google graphic ads work best with image campaigns, where the main target is to increase brand recognition. It also works well with promotions.

Communicate through the image

Google graphic ads can have many forms. The Google Display Network has not only traditional static banners, but also animations, movies, interactive panels and text ads. When you choose the right ad, your ad has the desired effect on the user-they click on the ad. Google Display Network can be paid for by cost per click. There’s also a possibility to use CPM (cost per thousand).

Such ads can be precisely targeted:

  • by keywords used in site content
  • by site theme
  • by particular user’s interests
  • by landing pages
  • by remarketing lists
  • by demographic data (gender, age, localization)

Google Display Network is:


one of the less pricy form of image ads


payment for actual interest in ads


a very clearly defined audience


the ability to experiment with different forms of advertising and management methods


the possibility of making a precise analysis of ad effectiveness


the possibility of promotion on the biggest sites

Campaign creation

When we know the purpose of your campaign, and know a little bit more about your industry and expectations,, our graphic design studio prepares ads. We can also use your designs that you have used before.. We choose the way we will target our audience when we create a campaign. Campaigns which are in full swing are regularly analyzed to make sure they are effective. Google AdWords graphic optimization lets us exclude ineffective spaces where banners are displayed, and also constrict or expand your audience. This allows a Google Display Network campaign to gives youa minimal costs of conversion.

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