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GMail is one of the most popular mail clients in Poland, with over 900 millions of users around the world. By using GMail, Google receives detailed information about users, their interests and activity in the Internet. Using that information lets them precisely reach with the message to the defined target group of specific brand.

Good news!

Gmail Sponsored Promotion is displayed in „Offers” tab as two first messages, above all other mails from other companies or users. GMail ad contains two parts: the message subject, that should encourage users to open the mail, and the message itself. There is a possibility to use different formats while creating such ad: interactive form, graphical ad like an ad banner, or a list of promoted products. The cost is charged only after the user see the content of the message, not just after sending it. It’s the main advantage of GMail Sponsored Promotion over traditional mailing to bought e-mail database.

There are a few options of targeting in this kind of advertising. One of the most interesting is a possibility to send messages only to those users, who have in their inbox messages from specific e-mail address. Thanks to that, you can send your ad to people from your competition’s newsletter database. GMail campaign can be targeted by age, place of living or interests. Narrow targeting enables to reach only potentially interested users. The biggest conversion is from the messages with promotional actions or information content.

Benefits for our clients:


possibility to precisely target the ad


cost only per click


no charge for only sending the mail


acquiring new customers


constant mail contact with brand fans


higher effectiveness and lower cost compared to the traditional mailing

The message is sent!

GMail campaign creation starts with clear clarification of the target group. Next step is to develop communication, that not only will be a call to action, but also will fit with style to the audiences. When creating GMail Sponsored Promotion, we address our message to different groups of users. Such procedure allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of campaign, taking into account the number of opened e-mails, the visits to the landing pages and the conversion. The proper optimization of GMail campaign gives the possibility to manage the cost of conversion.

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