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Google AdWords is a powerful advertising system that allows your company to exist on the network. The most common Google AdWords campaigns are associated with sponsored links that appear when you search. However, AdWords is a much more extensive advertising platform, allowing you to create image ads, to present the store on the search engine level or follow a particular user. The main advantage of Google AdWords campaign is settling only for the effect understood by clicking on the ad, and not just displaying it. In addition, using that kind of promotion allows Google to target precisely, so that the message goes only to potentially interested users

Google AdWords campaign can not only spread the brand image in the network, but also to accurately measure the effectiveness of all the action. With extensive statistics and campaign optimization opportunities Google AdWords advertising provide adequate efficacy, which translates directly into profit or increase traffic to your site.

Media4U is engaged in the Google AdWords campaign, using various channels of promotion. We are a certified partner of Google. It is a distinction that is received only by agencies that specialize in Google's products. As the agency also we took part in the prestigious Partners program Rising Stars, which was attended by 30 fastest growing e-marketing agency in Poland.


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