Site inspection

Internet site is one of the most basic elements of all actions in the Internet. Without proper site you cannot conduct any promotional campaign, such as positioning or Google AdWords. However, every site is different! There are different graphic layout, content layout and source code. Each of those elements has its influence on the site quality and the way it’s seen by the target user.

On a winning position

Each website should be evaluated in several aspects. First of them is the usability audit. By checking that, we analyze the simplicity of navigation through the website, content layout, proposed navigation and intuitiveness of the portal. The site should be designed in a way that makes user have no problem in browsing through the portal or placing an order. Another part of audit is site evaluation in terms of SEO. For this purpose we thoroughly analyze the source code and published content. The audit of the page for SEO allows you to identify errors in the code and optimize your site for positioning actions. Even the small changes can make your site position much higher in search engine results. The audit of site content influences not only positioning, but also Google AdWords. Well prepared products descriptions, as well as proper content of the site, increase the campaign quality, which in result lowers the costs per click.

Website audit allows you:


to build a competitive advantage of the page


to increase the conversion


to improve the quality of your site


to help the user in service navigation


to improve position in organic search results


to implement new functionalities and solutions

Site analysis

While preparing the audit of some website, we thoroughly analyze all its functionalities. We take into consideration such things as site usability and its content. In the same time we analyze the source code. Detailed audit lets us not only optimize the site, but also catch and fix any errors. When auditing a website, we also pay attention to amount and quality of all textual content published in the service. All texts are checked by style and branch keywords frequency. In addition, site audit also covers the structure of the code analysis, taking into account the elements that affects the position.

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