Solution performance

Every project, especially web shops and sites that generate a lot of traffic require instant development for the conversion growth assurance and market demands adaptation. These entail code changing and website dependencies. The very effects must be constantly monitored and verified considering the highest performance.

Verification of the solution efficiency

Verification of the solution efficiency although most often associated with functional tests they appear separately. Functional testing allows to confirm whether the web shop functions with respect to the specification. The efficiency tests evaluate in turn whether the website is able to maintain the assumed traffic. Is it worth to run the specific efficiency tests of the driven solutions? Indeed, though the traffic may rapidly grow and it must be considered. Meticulously planned web campaign with AdWords support or increase the site positioning in web engines via SEO can directly result in increasing the number of users and traffic volume. In case the efficiency matter would be omitted it may affect in abnormal site functioning which is quite straight way to lose users and as a result the conversion rate gets decreased.

Efficiency tests for the developed projects may gain the following:


Establishing the maximum traffic volume that web shop is likely to manage


Fixing whether the server response time is at acceptable level


Finding the bottlenecks that may possibly overload the site


Pointing the areas for improvement and optimization


Verifying whether the deployed modifications influence efficiency


Verifying the web application compliance with client’s requirements

The efficiency tests of the deployed solutions are performed with the usage of one of the most popular tools – JMeter. It allows to run the simulations of the random traffic assumption. JMeter gives various possibilities of test configuration to reach results approximate to the real life traffic. Considering the efficiency tests, Media4U start with deep analysis of the solution. With the usage of Google Analytics the real time traffic is taken under consideration, the specific users’ behavior and the percentage of the users that placed the orders. Thanks to these information during efficiency tests we are able to properly configure the user groups so that they reflect the real customers.

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