Monitoring is the process for verification whether both functional site of the platform, traffic and clients’ behavior remain correct and satisfactory. The continuous process of monitoring allows to keep the solution and optimizations safe at each step of site management. It also means that we are able to permanently and continuously observe and analyze multiple various factors.

Good traffic

Monitoring doesn’t mean only permanent and continuous tracking of the Customers’ behavior but what is more also optimizations planning and estimations. Thanks to the collected data together with analysis, Media4U Specialists are able to make estimations on the prospective traffic increase. Such solution allows to scrutinize and understand the client’s needs and expectations and provide him with appropriate support.

What clients gain:


Continuous site and web shops monitoring


Data security


Support in development planning


Detailed reports concerning web shop performance


Modifications secure and guaranteed


Bugless sites and webshops

Web shops monitoring is strictly connected with IT. With the usage of the specific tools, Media4U is able to verify whether the actions taken or events are carried out in accordance with assumed time and order (i.e. automatic stock and prices update). In case of problems occurring both client and Media4U are informed. Using monitoring we are able to specify where the root of the problem is and minimize the time for problem solving. As a side note, monitoring guarantees that client knows immediately about all problems, errors that occur.

Media4U created several testing scenarios:


Automatic tests – check out testing


Application tests in various environment and on multiple devices


Monitoring of data base load


Monitoring of disks load

Media4U takes also care of processes monitoring on WWW. We inspect and analyze whether the orders come in the proper frequency. Monitoring checks also how the user behaves – if he stops or suddenly leaves the site and what the conversion path is. Thanks to that we may check the web shop functioning, increase the conversion and maximize the profits.

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