Data Migration

Improvement and development of IT systems is directly connected with operation systems evolvement, data bases, updates and use of new software. Media4U is specialized in migration of the whole systems and web shops, data migration from old to the new platform, data migration to cloud environment or hybrid environment together with data backup.

Worth to say that data migration projects are one of the most difficult and challenging in IT which should leave no space for errors. In fact data is main knowledge source on which all actions are based.

Continuous and steady business development

Continuous and steady business development often require the data to be migrated to more efficient solution and it became daily routine in a way. It is vital that data migration is not treated marginally as it may result in severe project complications or even data loss.

What clients gain:


Safety data migration


Deep analysis of migration scope and range


Dedicated transfer tools


Continuous processes monitoring


Dedicated development team


Data migration testing

Migration process phases in Media4U:


Data migration scope analysis

Data migration projects start with deep analysis and defining the comprehensive range of the data to be migrated. The specification explains the relations, dependences and data structure.


Tools for data migration

The successful data migration depends not only on the quality of the very systems and environments but what is more on the specific tools designed for data transfer.



Depending on the projects demands, the migration processes may concern the whole system or specified part of it. The data transfer process is monitored and registered.



Data migration process ends with testing for correctness verification, system functioning and compatibility with specification.

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