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Not only does Media4U offer you a wide range of support to evolve your sales tools and mechanisms but also helps new clients choose best fit for their businesses. We base our analysis as well as further-reaching optimizations on building a deep understanding of the statistics, drawing conclusions and presenting a spectrum of possibilities that improve the customer experience and directly cause a growth in conversions.

Be present

We are constantly developing new tools and improving old tools by observing and reacting to trends in e-commerce. We aspire to have the knowledge and awareness of your experience which helps us work with you to create an effective strategy. All of our analyses are largely based on site statistics provided by Google Analytics and other tracking systems. Once these are completed the next step is optimization that can be carried out in several areas, i.e. user experience, functionalities, technology and/or conversion.

What clients gain:


A deep analysis of current e-commerce and proposals to improve and adjust processes


Optimizations in application speed


Proposals that respond to new trends and technology


Business demands analysis


Technology and tools selection


Consulting in external systems integration possibilities

Good start

We are focussed on the client and your needs. We are always ready to give full support in the selection of the perfect solution or in determining the most effective business model for any particular industry. During analysis and site optimizations we consider and give you advice on what integrations are necessary. We provide our clients with E-marketing Department support which works through a comprehensive and complex strategy of promotion on the Internet. We keep you and your vision and expectations in mind throughout the process of analysis and optimization. We do this through productive discussions and brainstorming with you.

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