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Guarantee of satisfactory sales performance in the industry of online stores is not only an attractive offer and price. It is also quite true that the positioning of the store is a key element for success in e-commerce. An important element of success is undoubtedly to reach as many potential customers as possible. The main objective, however, is to encourage users to use the service, often return to the site and place an order. But before any store is successful and starts making a profit, it should go through a series of preparatory work that will results in better sales.

The use of RWD technology (Responsive Web Design) while creating an effective online store will help us reach a wider audience. Creating a responsive platform makes the layout adapt to any screen size, so the offer is presented in an attractive way, and user doesn't have a problem with navigating the site.

Mock-up is essential

The basis for the preparation of an intuitive store is to create a mock-up of views of every page. This is a necessary step in the process that will enable detailed design of a structure of a store. On mockups there are also included all elements of the user interface (UI) in a simplified form, arranged in accordance with established standards and based on the user experience (UX). This phase of work also allows us to design the structure of a service tree, to reduce to a minimum the process of finding the product and make a purchase. Time to prepare mockups is also ideal to pre-plan responsiveness of the views, which will make subsequent stages of work on a shop easier.

Like painted

Graphic design is a key element for creating an online store front. The visual part of a store should be designed in such way to meet all business goals of a site, and at the same time to remain attractive to users. Designing webshops is not only about the legibility of a store, but also about building trust among users visiting the site. This is the key element that allows our client to gain loyal customers eager to return to his site. In addition, when designing the store layout, you can use a suggestive iconography. It aims to provide user with more enjoyable, more intuitive navigation and interface elements. Suitable techniques also maintain sharp icons on mobile devices, which typically require graphic material at higher resolution. This step also means suitable preparation of responsive version of the main views in the webshop. They will show the customer how his shop will look like on phones and tablets. Any behavior and elements should be visualized on graphic design, giving a full view of the resulting product.

Nice cut

With already prepared graphic designs, you can successfully proceed to work on the code of online store views. Increasing customer's demands and new versions of search engines mean that you should always be up to date with the latest technologies. Using advanced solutions means using less time to create the finished product. Leading market solutions, such as Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation, are ideal bases for a site or online store. They have support and a number of tools that can accelerate the work. By creating the correct semantic structure of HTML and weight optimization of page elements, we are sure that search engine pages, ie. Google, will place our service higher in organic results. At this stage we should pay much attention to guidelines for proper construction of the document in regard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will provide much greater number of visitors to client's site in the future, which in the case of online shops will also mean increased sales.


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Building and Automation Tools

„Good” webshop

While coding a webshop, we put the greatest emphasis on its proper optimization. The main indicator of "good" store is Google Speed Insights. This tool lets you specify a number of parameters set by Google as good practices to optimize websites. Using them results in the quick-acting light applications.

The wow effect

One of additional elements that can be implemented on a webpage are special effects, ie. animation of some elements in the interface. Properly applied, they can make the time spent per page more enjoyable and catch the user's attention for longer. However, we should remember that it is easy to spoil the desired effect by overloading the view with "heavy" effects that will slow down the page. To avoid that, we should use the latest animation techniques defined in CSS3. They are ideal for this task because of their capabilities, ease of use and low load on a computer. For more advanced effects or support for older browsers, the best solution is to use a JavaScript library, such as popular jQuery. Thanks to it, we not only have the opportunity to implement on the store's website more complex solutions, but also we have the possibility to use more advanced client-server communication.


In order to eliminate any errors in a code of a site, each page is a subject of internal tests. Because of this testing process, the customer is receiving a product that is reliable. During the tests we are taking into account a wide range of dependences. Starting from the different devices and browsers, compatibility with graphic design and ending with different bandwidth of Internet connection. The aim is to eliminate as many cases as possible that may stop a client before placing an order. It is also important to check whether the page loads fast (right size, and compression of files) and is properly indexed by search engines.

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