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Dedicated B2C online shops are directed to companies that plan to sell on the Internet or want to expand their existing e-commerce business. Online shops based on dedicated solutions allow us to customize the functionality of a platform for all of your needs and expectations. Dedicated B2C platforms are designed for stores which serve a large volume of queries with complex management systems or for clients seeking secure applications while maintaining high quality performance.

A store open around the clock

Our online shops based on dedicated solutions stand out not only for the multitude of features and flexibility, but also for the hundreds of modules, allowing you to improve business performance. Intuitive usability allows you to quickly manage products, executel orders efficiently and easily manage all the functions of the store.

Dedicated online store:


is a guarantee of superior performance, even with high traffic on the portal


is an unlimited number of products


allows you to freely modify and introduce any innovation to the platform


guarantees higher conversion, which directly translates into profits


is a response to the latest trends in the design of information infrastructure


can be integrated with any external systems

Multichannel sales

Our software gives you the ability to have multiple sales channels. Integration with platforms such as Allegro or eBay, and our "multi-stores, multi-search" approach allows you to easily manage inventory and facilitate the multichannel sales. Having one place to find information about products, orders and payment status guarantees that your store is much better organized and easy to manage. Within a single administrative panel you can handle many shops, differing in appearance, range and ordering method.

What does our work look like?

Your online store is designed by professionals. We look with the eyes of the user and at the prototyping solutions stage we eliminate everything that might cause confusion to users. At this stage, we follow the usual practices and rules of that particular industry.

We care about use by creating an experience that is pleasant and encourages customers to buy. Our interesting graphic design provides users with a positive and memorable experience. All these actions lead to brand loyalty and encourage users to return to the web shop.

When creating an online B2C shop, we pay special attention to the appropriate arrangement of the elements, so that the information architecture meets all standards and is accepted by the customer.

A set of these actions can at an early stage eliminate any errors that could have a negative impact on the functioning of the service in a production environment.

Projects are implemented by dedicated teams with experience in creating stable applications. Regular contact with the Scrum team helps with efficient implementation and communication during the project.

Each of our products undergoes a series of tests including performance checking, which guarantees the proper functioning of the store in a production environment.

After the implementation we begin to monitor the store and constantly watch over its stable operation.

Selected web shop

A dedicated online store is also a number of mechanisms for improving sales effectiveness and to generate profits:

  • Category management - any number of categories allows for appropriate distribution range, which speeds up the process of finding the right product.
  • Product management - including variants, attributes, connections, collections, brands.
  • Flexibility in filtering and sorting of products. Thanks to these mechanisms, the customer has the opportunity to display only those products that have specific characteristics, required by the potential buyer, such as color, size, brand, etc.
  • SEO settings including the ability to set personalized title tags, meta description for each page, tagging structured data of product pages and categories, ensuring friendly urls with the structure of the service, generated sitemaps (meet 95% of the requirements in terms of page speed).
  • Section with articles/blogs.
  • Unit management, such as pieces, meters, kilograms etc.
  • Managing dedicated product pages where you can display only products involved in a particular promotional campaign.
  • Alert management that inform you about problematic situations, such as incorrect data import etc.
  • Managing mail communication with with customers. We inform customers of new account creation, password change or order confirmation.
  • Management of delivery methods to different countries, where we show a courier delivering a package to a specific region.
  • Management of payment and delivery methods
  • Management of customer orders from online stores, internal orders or foreign ones, made using other channels (stationary shop, Allegro, eBay).
  • Management of returns, complaints and replacement orders.
  • Warehouse management, the ability to integrate with a number of warehouses including separate physical storefronts.
  • Management of customers and customer groups, with discount assignment.
  • Contests management.
  • Loyalty program management.
  • Management of discounts and discount policy.
  • Newsletters management.
  • Expanded statistics showing both the sale of products and user behavior.
  • Banner management, which permits several layouts, which enables the use of different communication depending on the time period.

Selected discount systems

Product price management and the ability to generate higher receipts and sell more products is one of the main functions of every growing e-commerce site.

Our solutions to communicate any discount policy and easy to manage (a few clicks) rebate systems allow you to increase your sales.. Here are some examples of promotional models offered in various stores:

  • Sets of products – i.e. buy several products in one set and you will pay less
  • A discount for newsletter subscription
  • A discount on the value of the basket
  • Buy X products from category A and get a discount for Y products from category B
  • Buy X products from category A to get a discount
  • Percentage and amount-operating discount codes for specific groups in the offer within the specified time range
  • Free delivery activated under certain preset conditions
  • A discount for specific categories of products
  • A discount for a specific group of products
  • A discount for a specific group of customers

Integrations with external systems

Well-prepared integration has a significant impact on the sequence of processes related to the correct operation of an online store.

It is the integrations, their preparation and in-depth analysis, which determine how the process of importing data, dispatch of newsletters, downloading status of payments or updating inventory will look.

We integrate with external ERP system such as:

SAP, CDN XL, IBM - iMPACT - iSeries AS/400 ERP, SAFO, Exact Systems, SUBIEKT GT, Symfonia, Optima, KC – Firma, Magic, 1C, Integracja LN Infor.

Full integration with the most popular online payment systems:

PayU, Przelewy24, DotPay, eCard, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Wirecards, LiqPay.

Two sided integration with the most significant logistic operators responsible for the delivery of parcels:

Pocztex, Poczta Polska, Paczka w Ruchu, Paczkomaty Inpost, DPD, UPS, GLS.

Two-sided integration with most major trading platforms:

  • Allegro and Strefa Marek Allegro
  • eBay

As part of project implementation, we also integrate with affiliate networks, price comparison sites, live chats, social networking, text applications, and with newsletters.

The cost of the project of dedicated online store

The price of implementation of an online store depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the application. This cost includes:

- collecting business data and analysis, taking into account implementation and market environment

- preparation of design specifications, including all elements of the service and mock-ups in line with UX rules and Mobile-Friendly

- making a dedicated graphic design based on mock-ups with UX

- the programming work of front-end developers, preparation of views for display on all devices, and back-end, programming of the core system with all tools and additional features and functionalities

- any integration of an online store with an external service (Allegro, eBay, payment operators, logistic companies, ERP systems, Affiliates)

- data migration from previous applications and verifying its correctness

- tests of the application confirming the correctness of business objectives, also performance and security testing

- preparation of the hosting environment, which depends on the traffic requirements for the upcoming application

Track your users

A study of user behavior on the site is the basis for optimizing websites and online stores. Checking the users’ movements and knowing what draws the most attention, allows you to properly plan content and direct users to the appropriate page elements. One way to study the behavior of users is to create a heat map that graphically shows which parts of the site are clicked the most often and which places are avoided. Creating a heat map of the store allows you to plan where the most important content for the vendor or advertiser should be.

Creating a heat map of an online store also allows you to eliminate those elements that distract or confuse users. If a heat map shows that clicks often appear on a part of a site without any link, or vice versa, it is a signal for our developer or UX specialist that this structure of a site should be optimized. Changes to the service based on heat maps increase the conversion in the store, and thus multiply the profits.

And what about after implementation?

We offer post-implementation support and professional advice for the future development of the project.

We answer any routine questions about the application performance, as well as deliver new solutions that ensure the continuous development of your application and make your shop distinctive on the market.

Do you need a ready-made solution based on open source? We encourage you to contact us.

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