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Although it is not obvious that Business-to-Business model is associated with e-commerce, the more and more web shops present to be B2B platforms. Sale via Internet is huge convenience for each detailed statistics module. An absolute advantage of the B2B platform is also the possibility to establish new business contacts including international which would be much more difficult in real world due to impediments and obstacles. B2B platform supports you whenever the instant 24/7 communication is required and allows you to keep in touch with your business partners and contractors having the transparent orders processing.

B2B e-commerce platforms

Media4U specializes in design, software architecture and deployment of systems working on B2B model. Deriving from professional experience and actual market trends during the whole process of project realization we state to be not only the executor, but performer, professional consultant and partner to our Client. We have deployed numerous B2B platforms that maintain even over 400 thousands products and are integrated with multiple various external systems incl. ERP, CRM etc.

What clients gain:


Dedicated platform for Business-to-Business communication


Site focused on conversion rate increase


External ERP systems integration


Dedicated solutions and modules


Extensive testing and quality assurance


Support from Media4U specialists and experts

The B2B platforms developed by Media4U meet the complex requirements and proper parsing data for i.e. national and international invoicing, foreign currencies management or discount policy. The B2B systems provide also information on locations and distribution of the purchasable products which allow the customer to reach necessary information easily and possibly purchase products both on-line and off-line way. The very intuitive tools and mechanism for placing orders for wholesalers and merchants are the benefit as they shorten the path for making purchase as it may be experienced in B2C model. Delivered tools may also manage payments and shipping places for the better order processes. Via the platform the clients are able to decide when and where the order should be delivered. The expanded notification system provides instant information on outstanding payments, incomplete orders. B2B platforms are in other words multifunctional communication platforms that facilitate the relation establishment. Taking advantage of the dedicated B2B solutions easily means that conversion rate goes up and ongoing profit increases.

Our projects based on B2B

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