Dedicated solutions

Dedicated e-commerce systems are customized to the individual needs of our clients and are business-specific. The projects we develop and deploy, both webshops and tools meet the most complex requirements and demands. The unlimited possibilities of platform development and integrations with external systems make it possible to build web business platforms tailored to each expectation. We provide a content management system that offers built-in modules that support the client in each of the following fields: product management, customer management, order processing, customer service and a lot more including advanced discount management, tools and mechanisms that increase the conversion rate. Our dedicated solutions are set apart by high efficiency and SEO optimization.

What Clients gain:


Dedicated systems that meet business goals


An individual project compatible with UX and Mobile-First standards


Integration with external systems and web tools


International market availability – language versions and currency support


Functionalities that increase conversion in both a direct and an indirect way


Wide capabilities of web shop management incl. customer service processes


High efficiency and stability


System and data security


Technical help desk and post-implementation services (platform development and business support)



E-commerce tailored to the client’s requirements

We want to know what you think and need. The first step for any project is the client’s requirements analysis which determines the system specification and remains the generic basis of the project. The next step is a mockup of the design and the preparation of a customer journey description. On the basis of these materials the graphic designers design unique and particular templates and graphics. Once the graphics are prepared, the IT engineers wherework on deployment of the project-specific tasks like the front end and functionality. The whole project is divided into phases, all for the purpose of having a common understanding of the project’s progress. The project is managed and verified with the project specification prior to deployment to production.


Visits per month:

even over
3.5 mln

Number of products:


Orders per month:


Dedicated projects:




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