Marketing email

Marketing emails are a form of communication with your client whose goal is to convey specific information.
Normally, this is about special offers, sales, or promotions. This form is more visual than textual, our graphic design studio so we make it look attractive. The agency chooses the most suitable photo or picture. While creating such email, the most important information is the target group of receivers. This allows you to choose an appropriate graphical form and propose the right kind of communication.

Consistent message

Your marketing email, besides sharing your message, is also responsible for creating a proper company image. The creative work for this email should be consistent with your brand book. That’s not always the rule. These emails quite often are connected to some specific promotional campaign, which has its own individual character. We design the email to prioritize detailed information. It’s crucial to properly place the “call to action” button and design it in a way that encourages the user to click it.

Marketing email can be divided into three main parts:


visual content


a slogan


a visible "call to action" button

Efficient marketing email:


has a readable layout, so that receivers know what the newsletter is about


has a clear call to action button, contrasting with the message on the background


has proper content hierarchy - if a user has to scroll down through the entire message may discourage some users


has a simple message – the communication must be readable


has a responsive design (RWD)


should follow and analyze the campaign – it helps improve conversion, as well as customer satisfaction

Unlike newsletters, a marketing email is sent only once. Every time it communicates something else and can have a different layout. That is why it is so important to gather all the information we need from you to define the target group as well as how to communicate with them. Media4U designs email projects which are tailored to the needs and expectations of your current and potential customers. We also send such marketing emails to databases you give us.

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