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Banners are a form of online advertising that appear on sites and portals. Banner advertising is PR support. It can show your current offer, products or promotions. The most important aspect of banner ads is an attractive and interesting message, that engages users and gets them to click.

Good type

Banner ads can be prepared in two styles – dynamic and static. Dynamic banners are created as a looped animation. The main advantage of this is the possibility to display more textual content than in static banners. The animation attracts attention which increases the likelihood of someone clicking on an ad. It is not just the movement that makes users pay attention to graphics. At Media4U, we design banner ads based on given specifications. All our graphics have a strong call to action, what really attracts users.

The banner ads we prepare us comply with Google AdWords campaign or advertiser specifications. The most popular sizes are: banner, square or skyscraper. It is important to make all content on the banners visible and legible. The number of possible formats gives you great opportunities and allows you make both PR and sales campaigns.

Banner advertising lets you:


Grab the attention of potential customers


Build brand awareness among your target group


Spread your message to a wide audience


Encourage users to take action


Support campaigns in other channels


Increase sales

The main goal in creating banner ads is to encourage users to click on it, i.e. enter your site. When users do this, the probability of getting a conversion increases. . An important part of any web banner is the graphics creation. These should match the company’s brand book as well as the promotional action. All of the other parts of the banner are also important. In the case of a sales campaign, there should be products on the banner, in of PR actions, the graphic should correspond with the industry, the target group and brand specifications. It is crucial to continuously increase the quality of designed banners. Advertising, to be remembered, must arouse emotions and curiosity. The most effective banners have a call to action, that precisely explains to the users what they can expect after clicking on the ad.

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