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Web design is one of the most difficult aspects of graphic design. This is due to its complexity.. Before starting any work, graphic designers have to refer to the prepared models, industry characteristics and the target group. These are the elements responsible for the project structure and how the site is presented.

Be functional

The purpose of web design is website functionality.. Every graphic designer, when planning a website, has to respect all specifications, such as RWD technology. The web design may relate to traditional PR sites but also to more sophisticated online stores. Depending on the type of the project, we design different parts of the website. With PR sites we design the most important elements, that is, the homepage, the information subpage, the gallery and the contact info page. However, with a webshop, the graphic designer has to prepare more parts of the site. Online stores projects include not only homepages, but also products listing pages, carts as well as product pages.

Media4U’s clients get:


A website project adapted to the industry


A design tailored to different screen resolutions


A website meeting usability requirements


Comprehensive services in the field of graphic design


Creative support


A site project tailored to current trends in web design

Work on a web page always starts from gathering relevant materials and preparing a brand identity. An important step in the process is to get all possible material available from or for our client. The key issue when designing a website is a logotype. On the basis of the logo, we prepare a style of communication, colors, font type, even graphic elements. An important element of web design is creating a composition – horizontal, vertical, symmetrical or dynamic. In addition, the project is designed in a user-friendly way. Proper design allows the user to easily find what they need. Based on specifications, we can add the best graphical style, which highlights the client’s message.

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