Visual identity

Visual identity is the cornerstone of any business. Without such an identity, adapted to the conditions of your industry, your company and the products you sell, it is not worth starting to advertise. A properly prepared graphic identity is a basic element in building the image of your company and is the starting point for any advertising.

What is a visual identity?

Visual identification is usually associated with logo design, but it is a more elaborate process. A company’s logo is the starting point for designing the rest of your corporate identity. When designing the logo it is important to maintain an appropriate format. The logo must be created as a vector graphic, so it can be increased or decreased freely.

By having a visual identity:


you get the most important distinguishing feature of the company


you receive guidance how to build coherent communication


you visually interact with your potential customers


you build a brand image


you stand out from the competition


you create elements for further promotion

Visual identity allows you to build coherent communication, between your employees as well as your potential customers. By creating a graphic identity we establish requirements for the preparation of further images, such as posters, brochures and web graphics. The preparation of visual identity also allows us to set rules for presenting your logo. A brand book predetermines what colors the logo should have, how it can be displayed on different promotion materials, and if there are any other color versions. The logo should have a specific color scheme - a minimum CMYK and RGB. The brand book also determines what are errors in presenting and using the logo. Because of this different graphic designers will be able to use the logo in accordance with its original purpose. The basic brand book contains: a logo protective field, its minimum size, colors, authorized versions, using the company’s slogan with a logo (if there is such version), typography, unauthorized use of the logo, the designer’s or design company’s contact info (in case of questions). The brand book is a document designed to be used by future contractors.

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