Printing is one of the oldest form of advertising. Printed materials have long been used to provide information, promote the companies or brands. In the age of electronic media, printing is still a popular form of promotion and communication with the client. Printing allows you to create tangible and real project, which affect different senses. Printed materials are also more permanent form of communication. Properly prepared, can attract attention and be a distinguishing feature of the company.

So small, so big...

In the case of advertising in printed form we are dealing with a huge amount of forms and possibilities of communication. Media4U design covers the smallest graphical elements, as business cards or leaflets, but also the most expanded forms, like billboards or banners. The main advantage of print advertising is reaching a wide range and a large number of recipients. Using the polygraphy, we can reach out with the message to the huge audience, at the same time strengthening the brand image or promote specific products. It’s important to have those printed materials designed according to brand book or specific promotional action. In addition, they must be interesting to the public and be memorable. Therefore, when creating the printing materials not only graphics are important, but the whole creative concept.

Printed materials include:


internal communication materials


advertising materials, like leaflets, citylights or banners


promotional materials, like brochures, posters


PR materials


developing of creative concept


preparing the files for printing, in accordance with the specification

The diversity of formats offers unlimited creative possibilities. In addition, printing techniques allow you to raise the aesthetic value of produced materials through solutions such as: die cutting, coating the entire surface or just parts of them. In polygraphic projects we can choose between offset printing and digital printing. Offset guarantees better quality, because it is using individually prepared matrix. On the other hand, digital printing allows printing small, individually modified inputs. This way of printing is ideal for preparing small quantities of materials needed for fairs or promotional event. All project created in Media4U are prepared in accordance to the specification delivered by the printing house. Because of that we can guarantee that the end result will match the original design. The experience and knowledge of printing techniques allows us to create printed materials that are perfectly prepared and will be remembered by the target recipient.

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